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Zulily Official Site

Zulily is an e-commerce website located in the United States with its headquarters in Seattle, Washington. The outlet sells different categories of home products, toys, footwear and even clothing. It is an online retail outlet that has made a lot of impact over the years. The outlet was founded in 2009, December 10 to be precise. The names of its founders are Mark Vadon and Darrell Cavens. Since inception to date, this outlet had been serving the online shopping needs of several countries other than the United States, like Ireland, Australia, United Kingdom and Canada. Few of the products on sale here are Home Décor items, Infant gear, toys, women’s apparel and children’s apparel. The outlet offers flash sale notifications and recorded total revenue of $366 million in August 2016 alone. The name of its parent company is Qurate Retail Group.

Zulily focuses on mothers especially. The outlet is equally interested in great brands and several products that target the needs of children. Many observers have described the audience that patronizes Zulily as the “young, tech-savvy mothers”.

Sales at this outlet change on a daily basis. The outlet usually opens by 6 a.m. Pacific Time and hold inventory immediately. About 50% of the orders placed on this outlet as at 2014 came via mobile devices and sales usually last 72 hours.

Zulily reduced the number of flash sales in 2015 and this decision was in response to certain set of customers that got overwhelmed by the number of merchandise to select from. Zulily has a challenge as regards how to retain its customers since the flash-sale website is giving customers too many ideas that they can manage.

In the first quarter of 2015, the outlet recorded a rise in revenue by up to 29%; the rise was, however, up to 52% in 2014. The website of Zulily says that the outlet holds no inventory but it began holding some merchandise in its warehouses in 2015 to reduce the delivery time. The lack of inventory on the part of the company had led to issues related to quality control, like incomplete products being shipped to customers, damaged merchandise or defective merchandise. The company will equally issue refunds to the customers if damaged products are shipped to them. The items can also be replaced in place of a refund; the company, however, implore the affected customers to send photos of the issues to the customer care agents via email.

To attract more patronage and to encourage its past clients to come back again, Zulily provides a series of coupon codes to help shoppers get the various items sold here. Some of the discount opportunities are focused on new customers, while some other ones are focused on returning customers; there are also some discount opportunities made open to everyone, either a new or returning customer.

The items sold at Zulily are sourced from different parts of the world and the outlet always focuses on top qualities alone, thereby giving an assurance that its customers will always get good value for money.

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